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Substances: NO3, NO3-, ONOO-, N2O3

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Authors Journal Title Data Sheet
NO3; nitrogen trioxide; CAS-No.: 12033-49-7
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related data (quantum yield studies; photolysis studies, etc.)
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NO3-; nitrate anion; CAS-No.: 14797-55-8
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related data (quantum yield studies; photolysis studies, etc.)
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NO3-; ONOO-; peroxinitrite; pernitrite anion; CAS-No.: 
M.N. Hughes, H.G. Nicklin J. Chem. Soc. A, 0, 450-452, 1968 The chemistry of pernitrites. Part I. Kinetics of decomposition of pernitrous acid

N2O3; dinitrogen trioxide
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