UV/Vis+ Photochemistry Database

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UV/Vis+ Photochemistry Database

Literature -Service: Halogens / Halogen Oxides

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Halogens  F2, Cl, Cl2, Br2 ,I2, FCl, BrCl, BrCl2-, Br2Cl-, ICl, IBr
Halogen Oxides I F2O, F2O2, FO-, FO2, FC(O)O, BrO, BrO-, Br2O, OBrO, IO, IO-, OIO, OIO-; I2O
Halogen Oxides II Cl2O, Cl2O2, Cl2O3, Cl2O4, Cl2O6, ClClO2, ClO, ClO-, ClOO, OClO, OClO-,ClO3, ClO4